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How to do an invisible seam - Mattress Stitch

How to do an invisible seam - Mattress Stitch

The best way to join two vertical edges of knitting together with an invisible seam is to use mattress stitch.

Mattress stitch is great because it’s secure yet flexible and in my opinion really satisfying to do.

What you need

  • a tapestry needle

  • a length of the yarn you are working with.

Some top tips

  1. If possible use an existing yarn tail to avoid adding in any extra ends to weave in later.

  2. Make sure you follow a clear line of stitches down your work, picking up the bar between the very edge stitch and the next row in. This will create a seam that is as invisible as possible.

  3. If your knitting has different colour sections as in the image below, always work the seam with yarn the same colour as your knitting. Using a different colour will look messy if the work is stretched.

  4. If you are intending to roll up a beanie rim or mitten cuff, turn the piece inside out before seaming together the brim or cuff to make sure the seam stays hidden when rolled up as in the photo below:

seam rim.jpg

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