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Small House Space Saving Ideas - Dining Tables

Small House Space Saving Ideas - Dining Tables

We have now been living in Brighton for five years and we have loved every moment living right in the centre of Brighton, in the beautiful North Laine. We love the independent stores, coffee shops and pubs right on our doorstep and the buzz of being surrounded by studios belonging to creatives, makers and small business owners. I love being able to pick up the best coffee beans, stationary, homey bits and yarn from my favourite independents all within five minutes of our home. I have loved walking babies to sleep up and down these streets and having friends that have become like family just down the road.


As much as I love all of this, living here means we have a pretty teeny town house that we squeeze into. Recently we felt like we were growing out of our North Laine home and tried to buy a house a bit further out. This all fell through at the last minute and though frustrating, we have resolved to say goodbye to our house buying dreams for the foreseeable. We’ve readjusted our plans and are aiming to stick around here for a little while longer, with the hope that it is possible to make the most of the space we have but we just have to be a bit creative about how we do so.

This is all quite a long intro but to sum up; we love living where we do even though it means squeezing our family of five into a pretty small 2 bedroom home and I thought I’d share this journey with you as we figure out how to make the most of the space we have with a few creative changes.


The first thing we wanted to change was our dining situation. When we moved in as a family of four, we had a very small table in our lounge that we could just about squeeze around. With the addition of Luther to our family in 2017 we no longer fit around it and me and Yohaan would sit on the sofas and eat while the kids sat at the table. To be honest, this was quite chaotic and we felt like we were missing out on family time around the table. In reality, I know dinner time with a small family means everyone’s talking over each other, one kid doesn’t like their food and another spills their drink while the baby throws their food on the floor, but I feel like this time is important and we missed having that. And when the house fell through, this was the first thing we wanted to change.



Our table has to fit in a small space between the sofa and the wall. We decided a table with benches was a good solution as you can squeeze more people along a bench and also you can slide the benches right under the table if need be. We went with our good friend Johnny Pastos, found here at JP Does Stuff. He uses the most beautiful reclaimed wood and metal frames and it felt like bringing a table you could find at our favourite Brighton coffee shops down the road into our home. We have the table right up against the wall with one bench tucked underneath, this can be pulled out when we have guests. But when it’s just us at home we can fit around it comfortably as it is.

We absolutely love it and it has made such a difference to our lives! We really enjoy the crazy dinner times sat at the table together, the kids love sitting at it to draw or make stuff and I love working here when the house is quiet!


Table by Johnny Pastos at JP Does Stuff


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