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Baby Shower Gifts / New Baby Gift Round Up

Baby Shower Gifts / New Baby Gift Round Up

I think because this month is my littlest’s second birthday, it has put me in a reflective mood thinking about those last few weeks leading up to his birth. Around this time two years ago, some close friends threw me a baby shower which was such a special time. I love baby showers and the time to be with good friends and get excited about the new arrival. It always makes it all suddenly feel very real, in a good way!

Also recently, a friend asked me for some recommendations for baby shower gifts. She was asking me what items that I as a mum actually found useful once the baby had arrived. So here is a little round up of baby shower gifts or new baby gifts that will be used and enjoyed!


My favourite items of clothing that I’ve enjoyed dressing my new babies in have usually been those especially cute pieces given to me as gifts. I think when it comes to giving clothes to a new baby, it needs to be those pieces that are that little bit extra special! I’ve picked out Organic Zoo as they’re super soft, wash well and are just adorable.


Also up there with my favourite clothes gifts has been a good cardigan. One that could be worn home from hospital and that useful extra layer they’ll need to keep them cosy. Something gender neutral is always good if they don’t know what they’re having along with something that will go with lots of different outfits.


An absolute must have when you have a new baby! These will be used every day for pretty much the first year. I love these ones by Konges Sløjd from The Little Natural Co. as they come in a pack of three and the colours are so beautiful.


I love these cards for documenting moments to celebrate as your baby grows. These ones from The Lovely Drawer caught my eye as they are so beautifully designed.


I’ve always been given one of these each time I’ve had a baby and have loved popping them in their Moses basked for them to keep close for comfort or adding them to the toy basket when they can sit up and explore a bit more. These are often adopted as that special toy that gets carried around and accompanies them on all their adventures as they grow.


Just because being given one of these at a baby shower just gets you beyond excited for their first bath and being able to wrap them up in a fluffy towel with that beautiful baby bath smell. I love these by Liewood from Junior Edition.


One that clips onto the pram is really handy for keeping with you as you go. I love this number book from Liewood found at Molly Meg with crinkly pages and also this monochrome bear one from The Little Natural Co. as I was given one similar for my eldest and she was captivated by its pages from just a few days old.



I couldn’t not include our teething mittens for something a bit different. Useful for keeping a little ones hands warm on chilly days whilst also providing a teether for soothing sore gums when teething arrives.


I remember being given a dinner set for my eldest and feeling like that phase would be miles away. But actually weaning crept around very quickly and it was so useful already having something that I would enjoy using in the cupboards. This little set by Liewood from Molly Meg is jus the sweetest and has everything needed to get them set up for the fun of trying solid foods.


And finally, I loved having some sweet toys for them to play with. The first newborn weeks go so fast and before you know it you feel like your baby needs something to look at, bat with their arms and start to play with. I loved these ones by Konges Sløjd from Molly Meg as we had one similar. I love the little teething ring, pully musical feature and the colours are beautiful!

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